Project Beauty

In Beauty Spy, Cheat Sheet on October 13, 2008 at 6:02 am

On-screen makeover

‘Project Beauty’ is a game designed for the Nintendo DS with the help of  Shiseido

A scanning device transfers digital images of your face onto one of the two screens.

Facial features such as your eyes and lips are analysed, and colors and products are suggested. Then, an image replete with suggested makeover ideas is displayed on the console’s second screen.

Project Beauty can suggest makeup for different occasions from the office to a hot party. You can also create your own makeovers choosing shades from the software’s virtual palette.

You’ll be able to test out looks and colors without having to physically apply (or buy!) any of the products.

Project Beauty is scheduled for release on November 27th in Japan for 6,090 yen ($55.00)

In The Makeup Says: Sounds like an activity worth trying. Certainly if you are bored it would be much better to play this game than to….um…..lets say eat or call your ex boyfriend. We also think it makes perfect sense for girls with gamer boyfriends to suggest this as a game you might be into. But, lets be realistic. How could software tell you if you’ll like the way a product smells (and this is important as even mascaras are scented these days), if it will spread nicely on your priceless skin, or how well it will last. We’ll put it on our shopping list but we think makeupalley, regular browsing at Sephora, and glossy magazines still reign.


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