24 Karat Gold Dust Powder

In Beauty Spy on October 19, 2008 at 10:01 pm

Jane Iredale Says: This feathery soft loose powder truly meets the gold standard—it contains flecks of real 24-K gold that twinkle on skin, leaving behind a gorgeous candlelit glow. The rose hue, the latest addition to the Fall color collection, adds to the romance, beckoning a heat-of-the-moment flush that flatters every skin tone. We love the versatility of this product: mix with moisturizer and smooth on your décolleté, shoulders and legs to create a subtle body shimmer, add to hair styling aids to impart shine, swipe on lids to make eye color pop or apply on the apples of cheeks for a warm bronzed finish.

In The Makeup Says: Cleopatra slept in a gold mask every night for youthful skin, the Queen of the Ching Dynasty had gold rolled on her face everyday, and luxury spas around the world have been offering pure gold facials since Japan introduced them in May 2007. Gold-based facials started at 20,000 yen ($170) and are now available in the United States starting at $175.

While we respect gold facials, any reasonable girl should have a pot of Jane’s $12 gold powder. Facials, after all, are not makeup. Plus, you can mix it into your creams and lotions in between gold facials. We’re just sorry Jane hasnt mentioned how to take a hot bath with this stuff!


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