Spring/Summer 2009: Cliff Notes

In Fashion Week on October 28, 2008 at 2:30 pm

Enhancing beauty rather than creating a makeup look continued in Paris. Think fuller brushed-up brows, curled lashes, luminous cheeks and tenderly bare lips. In Paris, its all about turning up the volume on the beauty that’s already there. Just don’t presume the products were so minimal: from primers to a plethora of skin-twin shades, this is nature worked to the max.

Of course we had black eyes and diva-ishly intense shadows in Milan. Where would labels like DSquared2 and Just Cavalli be without a direct nod to womanliness in all her pumped-up glory? An imperfect touch is still key. Pressed in smudgy eyeliners with your finger “to dirty it up a bit.” Also, think “sexy, Kate Moss, rock’n’roll” extended liner. But don’t go strictly black. There were also intense deep golds.

Gorgeously prepped skin, subtle highlights, drop-dead cheekbones and nuanced tones pulled together for a distinctly groomed moment in makeup. Think neutrally soft and sensual expensive girl. Channel the outdoorsy Ralph Lauren woman or Beverley Hills 90210 – fresh, young, rich and groomed.” And go ahead, reek of perfume; just make sure it smells expensive.

Free yourself from precise eyeliner. A purposefully messy element to makeup was clearly preferred. Eye makeup didn’t go down the runway retro-perfected and neat. It was more smudged (aka modern). Artist Charlotte Tilbury said of MAC Smolder Eye Kohl (which was used at tons of shows) that “it’s meant to be a mess – it’s lived-in, effortlessly cool, smudged, rock n’ roll.” Sexed-up traces of black kohl, Botticelli-inspired smoky, blackened silver lids, or….maybe a dusky plum for daytime.

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