Color On Pro

In Cheat Sheet on October 29, 2008 at 4:23 pm

Color on Pro Says: The application is so easy. Simply peel back the applicator from the card, and center the pad on closed eyelid. Hold in place at each corner of the eye, making a “peace sign,” and gently rub the back of the applicator with the index finger of your free hand. Remove and dispose. Lightly dust with setting powder provided. This will make the formula waterproof, and give the shadow a soft matte finish. Instructions are also on the back of each box, or view a demonstration video at

In The Makeup Says: We tested the EyeEnvy Exotic Kit – which comes with zebra, military camouflage, and leopard print appliques. Different than our usual genre of beauty, we know. But we stayed in that night, took care of our skin by dining on Omega 3s (we live on beauty food), remained faithful to antioxidants (i.e. sipped red wine), and tested these controversial appliques. Tasteful or not, they do, we repeat, do work. Press, pat, and peel. To wear or not to wear? If the right invitation comes along (say, an avant-garde party) well then, of course.


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