In Product Tête-è-Tête on November 12, 2008 at 8:49 pm

Assobar Says:

Gold is one the world’s purest and costliest metal. You’ll understand why when you use it as a facial cleanser.

Gold’s positive ions act as a powerful anti oxidant to penetrate deep into your skin. They react with free radicals to wipe away blotchiness and prevent premature aging.

Science has shown that gold improves collagen growth and reduces the break down of elastin.

Gold stimulates blood flow which in turn increases cell growth, leading to healthy uniform skin.

Gold has been used to relieve arthritis because of its amazing anti inflammatory characteristics. This same wonder on your skin reduces wrinkles and keeps your face firm and attractive.

In The Makeup Says: We don’t really care if it works or not. Sometimes we are just simple creatures; bathing ourselves in gold is reward enough.


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