Best Dressed Lashes

In Field Manual on November 13, 2008 at 2:26 am

“Lashes are the new breasts,” reported Catherine Piercy in the October issue of Vogue magazine. “Women are obsessed with getting a bigger, better pair.”


First, buy yourself some falsies (eyelashes, we mean). We really like clear lash bands like those made by Ardell and MAC. Then, start practicing. Practice until its as easy as mascara or until trends turn and faux lashes are a beauty faux pas.

Step One: Hold a mirror below your chin, look down into the mirror, so that your eyelid is fully extended.

Step Two: Get a thin amount of Eyelash Adhesive onto the lash band. We like to squirt a line of glue out and drag the lash band through it. Be sure you invest in a good lash glue. We like shu uemura’s eyelash adhesive ($9)

Step Three: Let the adhesive dry for about 30 seconds, until it becomes sticky rather than wet.

Step Four: Lay the lash strip onto the skin, from one corner to another, so close to the lash line that there is no visible space between the lash strip and your own lashes. Use an orange wood stick to gently press the lash securely onto your lash line. Focus on pressing at the inner corners where strip lashes tend to lift off the skin if not glued well. Move on to other parts of your makeup while the lash glue dries completely. Once the glue is totally dry, you can add some cake or liquid liner and use a touch of mascara to blend your natural lashes with the false.



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