Brow How

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Have pencils, powders, waxes, and gels got your brows in a furrow? Whether you desire the fine and slender, or the laden and lavish, brow-how will smooth your countenance.

The Brow Pencil

Pencils go on the skin, filling in where hair is meant to be. Be careful not to pencil actual hairs. This can overload the brows, just like when you put too much styling product in your hair. Work in light strokes to fill in any gaps, warming the tip a little on the back of the hand if necessary.

Try Chanel Precision Brow Definer $28 chanel-brow-pencil

The Brow Powder

Powder coats hairs and kind of fluffs the brows up. A true brow powder can be the softest, most natural looking brow makeup. A good brow powder should be harder than regular eye shadow powders, ensuring that it can be applied in fine strokes resembling brow hairs. It should also be matte. Shimmery hairs are a dead give-away for made up brows.

Try Elke Von Freudenberg Day Brow Shadow $20 elke-brow-powders

The Brow Gel
Clear gel sets hairs; tinted gel set hairs and adds a touch of color.  Brow gels are ideal if you already have a good brow and just need to keep them “brushed” and in place for the day. Clear gel is also used over brow powder or brow pencil. Use a good quality gel and wipe the wand first to get rid of excess –  Flakes aren’t pretty.

Try Laura Mercier Eyebrow Gel $19 laura-mercier-brow-gel

The Brow Wax

Brow waxes set the brow just like a gel does, but they go one step beyond a gel in that they add thickness and density to existing hairs. Some add shine and some are matte. Some are colorless and others are pigmented. Make-up artists love them!

Try Benefit Brow Zing $30 brow-zing

In The Makeup Says: For beauty makeup, eyebrows are a frame but should never be a statement. For a natural look , take a soft approach and balance natural thickness with a soft arch.

  1. Chanel’s eyebrow pencil has worked the best for me 🙂

  2. Hi Katee,
    Thanks for sharing! We wanted to say “thank you” way earlier, but just discovered this handy “reply” option about 2 minutes ago 🙂

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