Hi-Def Beauty

In Field Manual on December 18, 2008 at 4:38 pm


In the quest to conceal, groom, contour, bronze, blush, lengthen lashes, perfect skin, and create total goddess-ness, it is necessary to learn the “no-makeup” makeup that is used to make flawless faces for High Definition Photography and Film. If you like what you see in a 6x or 10x magnified mirror, then you can stop reading and perhaps lie down for a nap. If you don’t, then read on to start practicing the rules of HD Beauty.

Enter The Airbrush….
Using the art style of pointillism, custom foundation shot through an airbrush pen, disperses a fine mist to the face, producing the most natural result in both skin tone and texture.The airbrush sprays tiny dots or pixels of makeup at a low psi through a customized compressor. Going on, it feels like a soft whisper of air. It dries to a matte finish on contact with the skin and is water-resistant.

The tiny pixels of foundation give the same effect as what the digital camera sees. A person’s own skin tone comes through, giving a natural appearance.

The technology is neither terribly expensive nor terribly inexpensive. Start-up kits consisting of a compressor, airbrush pen, and hose cost about $400 and up. A bottle of foundation costs about $20, with numerous applications per bottle.

Three top airbrush systems: Dinair, Temptu Body Art and Air Craft.

Whether it’s digital photography, footage shot in hi-def and transferred to film, or live broadcast, airbrush makeup is the way forward.

In The Makeup Says: If you don’t have access to airbrush makeup, check out Sephora’s High Definition picks.



For mascara, we LOVE the new Sumptuous mascara by Estee Lauder. It lifts and plumps lashes into big lushness that is all lightness and flirtatious curl.

Keep eye shadows in neutral shades.


Stick to soft shades of blush, and keep the application light.


High Def beauty requires perfectly smooth lips.  Chapped, cracked, peeling lips will show; so make sure to exfoliate lips on a regular basis. Brushing  lips with a baby toothbrush coated in Vaseline will do the trick.

Highlighting & Contouring

Who doesn’t love contouring and highlighting? But be careful if you are going to be in any Black & White digital photography – it shows LOTS of contouring and highlighting.

In The Makeup Says: Check your makeup in a 10x magnifying mirror. If it looks flawless, you’re ready for High-Def. If you’re a makeup artist and want to check your work, look at the makeup you’ve applied through a magnifying lens.


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