Sephora Interviews In The Makeup

In Interview With The Artist on December 22, 2008 at 9:58 pm


Behind The Scene At The Pageant: Secrets Of A Beauty Queen:

Ever wonder where beauty pageant girls learn their tricks?

From Sara (a licensed esthetician) and Rebecca (a makeup artist), the mother & daughter team behind In The Makeup. The pair teach Makeup and Beauty Bootcamp for Miss USA and Miss Teen USA (Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, & Oklahoma), travel the midwest as freelance makeup artists, and trade better secrets than your average mother and daughter pair.
What goes into creating the Miss USA and Miss Teen USA looks?Well-done makeup is such an important part of a winning image. Pageant makeup has to create the right effect on stage, photograph beautifully, and look flawless on high definition television. So we have to create glamour, but without heavy makeup.
The inspiration at our 2009 Beauty Boot-Camp will be red-carpet glamour – where eyes and lips are both key features. We’ll be emphasizing a simple but strong eye and an intensified lip. The look should be timeless and polished, and judges should see the contestant, not the makeup.How do you keep a contestant’s makeup looking fresh all through competition?
Its all about the right products. Long-wearing everything and, of course, prepping the skin with primer for face and a separate primer for eyelids. A good makeup sealant can also be key for oily skins.

What’s your fave beauty tip?
Sara: Make sure you’ve got the right tools – good makeup brushes can take your look from pretty to beautiful.

Rebecca: Have a two-minute face. If you master a two-minute routine, then you can look polished even when you’re short on time. Conceal any darkness under your eyes, curl your lashes, swirl on some blush, gloss up your lips, and you’re done!

What’s one tip you’ve each picked up from the other?
I’ve learned from my mom to be meticulous. Once I’m done with a makeup application, I use a magnifying lens to check my work. That way, there are no surprises from an HD camera.

I’ve learned from my daughter to be open-minded to all sorts of looks and techniques. Sometimes a photo shoot demands a look that isn’t a personal favorite but, as professionals, we need to be able to create more than just our own visions.

For the holiday, what’s a great tip for sprucing up your look?

To achieve a dazzling makeover for evening, start with your usual polished look. Then add some drama to your lips or eyes. If you haven’t indulged in this season’s bold red lip yet, holiday parties are the perfect time to do so. If you’d rather keep the focus on your eyes, now is the time for eye jewelry. Dab some glitz and glitter around the lash line – top and bottom. Done!


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