1940s Glamour

In Field Manual, Get The Look on December 29, 2008 at 9:45 pm



Lifetime TV may have been searching for America’s Next Great Makeup Artist, but we’re searching for America’s Next Great Beauty Tip.

And we think Blush Makeup Artist Mentor Charlie Green has one of them – “know your references”

So, starting with one of Hollywood’s favorites – the 1940s, In The Makeup will be adding the best of beauty’s “references” to our Field Manual.

For a classic 1940s face, follow the steps below. For a modern twist, try a cat-eye (like you see in this photo).

Complexion: For 1940s skin, use a good face powder that matches your skin, and gives it a nice rosy glow.

Cheeks: A true 1940s cheek uses rouge, applied at the high point of the cheekbone. Popular rouge colors were reds, bright pinks, and bright roses.

Lips: Use a pencil to slightly exaggerate your top lip, and then paint in your favorite shade of red. Bright reds, cherry reds, pinkish reds, and orange reds were popular. Regardless of the shade, your lips should look full and soft.

Eyes: Apply a skin-toned eyeshadow from lash line to brow bone, and a muted gray or brown in the crease. Next, use a thin eyeliner pencil in black or dark brown to darken the lash line. Finish with dark brown or black mascara.

: Keep your brows natural in thickness, and use a pencil or brow powder to define your arch. Keep brows groomed with an eyebrow gel or wax.

In The Makeup Says: Don’t forget to wear some silk, some diamonds, and a head full of Veronica Lake curls. You’ll walk out of your swanky dressing room looking like a Hollywood Goddess. If you want to smell like a goddess too, wear In White by J. Dell Pozo.



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