A Fresh Batch of Skin Care

In Beauty Spy, Saving Face on December 29, 2008 at 9:17 pm


You can have fresh fruits and veggies delivered to your door. Why not fresh skin care too?

“It has been scientifically shown that over time the optimum efficacy of the active ingredients in any skin care product drops significantly. Therefore, it is highly recommended to apply skin care products as soon as they are manufactured to guarantee maximum efficacy,” says Dr. Chung CEO of Dermaheal USA Corp. “That is why Dermaheal has come up with the revolutionary concept to deliver its product to customers by mail immediately after it is manufactured.”

If products are manufactured on a Monday, Dermaheal can ship them to customers by Wednesday or Thursday for receipt by the end of the same week.

In addition to peptides and nano-capsulation technology, Dermaheal contains about 70 percent plant extracts (such as ginkgo biloba leaf, camellia sinesis leaf and liquorice root extract), fermented organic ingredients, to address skin problems like wrinkles, sagging, dryness, spots and signs of fatigue. It also helps balance the skin’s pH level, elasticity and radiance.

Using the pharmaceutical-grade delivery system of nanotechnology, the active peptides are embedded within tiny capsules called nanosomes. Nanosomes have the incredible ability to pass through the dead layers of the skin and actually reach the deep layers where living skin cells reside.

Dermaheal 2 Weeks Miracle is available in two product lines – Redesign (anti-aging and anti-wrinkle) and Rise N Shine (skin brightening and anti-pigmentation). Each product comes in a set of four items: a moisturizing solution or toner, a correcting serum, a moisturizing cream and an eye cream. Each package lasts for two weeks,

Dermaheal has been used throughout Southeast Asia, Europe, and Middle East since 2002 and is available directly from Dermaheal’s Web site,

In The Makeup Says: In the quest for the freshest skin care, we’ve whipped up our fair share of honey masks, yogurt cleansers, and sugar scrubs. Could we really have skin care as fresh as our food without putting the groceries on our faces? We’re intrigued, but we’re holding out for reviews. Dear Readers, please post comments if you’ve tried the two weeks miracle….


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