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Erin Featherston Spring 2009

In Fashion Week on January 29, 2009 at 2:50 pm


We simply love the makeup that Bobbi Brown created for Erin Featherston’s Spring 2009 Ready To Wear Runway show.

Here is how to get it:


Dewy Finish


Lids: Gold Sparkle all over

Crease: Velvet Plum Metal and Glitz Metallic

Lower Lashline: Gold Metallic & Lavendar

Liner: Violet Ink Gel Liner

Mascara: Lash Glamour


Blush in Illuminating Bronze and Pot Rouge in Gold Sparkle


Nugget Lip Gloss

photo from; makeup details from


The Heavy Fringe

In The Mane Thing on January 29, 2009 at 12:08 am


Kate Hudson’s bangs have been causing…quite a bang. So here is why we love it, who it suits, and  how to modify it.

Why We Love It: Blunt bangs are just plain edgy and hot. Plus bangs add style – even if your hair is just pulled up in a ponytail.
Who It Suits: A blunt fringe typically looks best on straight hair cut at one length, says Nicholas Penna Jr of Salon Capri in Boston. “However, we’ve recently seen stars like Kim Kardashian wearing her blunt bangs with wavy hair, which creates a really nice contrast.”
How to Modify It: If you’re dying for blunt bangs but your stylist knows it won’t work, talk to your stylist about a side-swept fringe. A side-swept fringe is the most popular and flattering alternative to the blunt bang as it suits just about any face shape and hair texture.

La Vaque

In Bath & Body on January 28, 2009 at 3:42 pm


With eyebrows being all the rage, we’ve said good-bye to Tweezerman and hello to La Vaque.

These tweezers have the perfect weight, slant and grip, and they are absolutely gorgeous (to satisfy our love of glamour). They come in several styles and sizes, but we are particularly enamoured with the Swarovski Crystal pair (29.95). Though we wouldn’t turn down the La Vaque with a genuine diamond in it ($100.00)

La Vaque’s guarantee says “You Break’em, You Dull’em, We Replace’em. No Questions Asked.”

LaVaque also has a new addition to their team – Kelly Baker who was the 2008 Citysearch Audience Winner for Eyebrow Shaping in Los Angeles.

Lash Liner

In Beauty Spy, Product Tête-è-Tête on January 28, 2009 at 3:19 pm


You want super-sexy, beautiful kitten eyes? So do we, and we’ve just discovered NovaLash’s new LashLiner.

Why is it different? Its not an eyeliner, but a micro-slim pencil designed to reach inside the lash line. An eyeliner can be used on top of it if desired. The LashLiner deposits tiny dots of rich, black color in between each eyelash hair for a thicker, darker lash line.

LashLiner is designed to reach where eyeliner can not. The micro-fine pencil can be sharpened to a super sharp point, and goes on creamy and rich and dark. Use the tiny point to apply little dots of black in between the eyelash hairs. This results in super sexy, bright, beautiful kitten eyes.

In The Makeup also thinks it would be great as an eyeliner for beauties with small eyelids who want a super thin eyeliner.

We haven’t found a national retailer that sells the Lash Liner, but you can go to the NovaLash website and click on their “Find Us” button to find salons and spas that sell Lash Liner.

Let us know what you think of this product!

Booty Butter Tanning Lotion

In Bath & Body, Beauty Spy on January 27, 2009 at 1:38 am


In The Makeup Says: If we were going to tan (we forever never ever tan), we think we would be slathering bottles of this yummy sounding tanning lotion all over ourselves.

Bikini Kitchen Says: It includes antioxidant vitamins A, E & C which when applied topically create a healthy combination. Vitamin A helps to form new blood vessels which give the skin an attractive rosy glow. Vitamin C fends against damage caused by the sun, while Vitamin E protects the epidermis from early stages of ultraviolet light damage and reduces the severity of sunburn. “With Booty Butter your whole body will shimmer an awesome brown in about an hour,” said Karrie Pettit, founder of Bikini Kitchen. “If your skin is extra-sensitive to UV rays, you can use Booty Butter with any other type of sunscreen and still see great results quickly.”

Booty Butter contains no chemicals or artificial dyes, somehow works as a bug repellant (maybe we could use it for that since we don’t tan) and is also water-resistant.It also contains caffeine, which is good for making your skin look a bit firmer.

Booty Butter’s scent is mocha laced with an aroma of delectable sugar cookies.

This adorable bottle is $29.95 for an 8 ounce bottle, and can be purchased at – where you can also read more details about this quirky (though enticing) lotion.

A Book For Makeup Lovers

In Field Manual on January 26, 2009 at 11:05 pm


In The Makeup is excited about The Book “Makeup Artists”

The Book is a Who’s- Who In the Makeup Industry of 2009/ 2010 and will be available through all major bookstores in the Fall 2009, but press releases say we can pre-order now.

Pre-ordering enters you into Life at the Top: The Glamorous Las Vegas Week-End drawing, which includes a $5,000 new wardrobe and a makeover with a celebrity makeup artist.

In addition to a who’s who in the celebrity makeup artist world, the book also includes:

• Hottest Trends in Makeup, Celebrity Tips, Tricks, and Secrets

• 1oo’s of Celebrities tell their Makeup Tips~ Favorite Makeup~ Favorite Makeup Artists~

• Find the Perfect Makeup Artist for a film, runway, wedding, print, TV, a portrait, or a new look

• Master Celebrity Makeup Artists share their Best Kept Secrets to Beauty

• Thousands of Professionals in the Industry share their stories of success and Secrets

• Discover the Perfect Day Spa~ Salon~ Hair Stylist

Linda Randall also says that we should watch for the Television Series that will revolve around the Book. We think the book and the television series sounds exciting!

The book will retail for $19.95, but is available now for pre-order with a 20% discount ($15.96) and $3.99 in shipping. 10% of all book sales will go to Stand Up To Cancer

If you are interested in this book, you can purchase it at Linda Randall’s website.

8 Ways To Attack PhotoAging

In Field Manual, Saving Face on January 26, 2009 at 2:25 am


In The Makeup Says: We all know that  its not just wrinkles that make you look older; photoaging is to blame too. So we diligently stay out of the sun; until someone invites us on a beachy vacation.

With beachy vacations in mind, here Are 8 Ways, each with its own pros and cons, to take the spotlight off a spot:

Hydroquinone: The gold standard for topical skin lightening in the United States remains hydroquinone. This substance is controversial and has been removed from the OTC markets in Europe and Asia partially because it damages melanocytes (melanocytes make melanin). While hydroquinone can produce results, even the maximum concentration of hydroquinone (4%) will not lighten pigment that is deep in the skin. Current hydroquinone preparations are unable to reach the middle-to-deep dermis where post-inflammatory acne pigmentation may lie.

Find Hydroquinon in: Murad Age Spot & Pigment Lightening Gel

Mequinol. At present, mequinol is only available by prescription. It is unknown exactly how mequinol lightens skin, but it is a competitive inhibitor in the formation of melanin precursors. It does not damage the melanocyte like hydroquinone. However, prescription skin lighteners containing mequinol also contain 0.01% tretinoin as a penetration enhancer; vitamin C in the form of ascorbic acid; and ascorbyl palmitate, to enhance skin lightening.

Find Mequinol in: Prescription Solage

Retinoids. Many dermatologists combine hydroquinone with prescription tretinoin to improve skin-lightening results. Tretinoin has an effect on skin pigmentation as seen by a decrease in freckling. Although this effect is more dramatic with topical prescription tretinoin, topical OTC retinol has been thought to provide similar effects. Although Retinoids can help lighten dark spots, they also make the skin more vulnerable to new photoaging, so diligent use of sunscreen is necessary.

Find Retinoids in: Philosophy Help Me Retinol Night Treatment

Ascorbic Acid. Ascorbic acid, also known as vitamin C, is used in OTC pigment-lightening formulations. By itself, low-concentration ascorbic acid is a poor skin-lightening agent, and is often combined with hydroquinone. In higher concentrations, ascorbic acid can be a strong skin irritant due to its low pH, but may induce pigment-lightening by providing skin peeling in lighter-skinned individuals. High concentrations of ascorbic acid must be avoided in people of color, because the irritation paradoxically will darken the skin.

Find Ascorbic Acid In: JASON C-Lite Skin Tone Balancer

Licorice extract. Licorice extracts are used in many OTC products to lighten skin. It must be applied to the skin in a dose of 1 g/day for four weeks in order to see a clinical result. This may not be practical in OTC formulations because of the expense of such a high concentration. Because the licorice extract is an anti-inflammatory, unlike with hydroquinone, retinoids and ascorbic acid, where irritation is the dose-limiting problem.

Find Licorice Extract In: Godiva LicoWhite Cream

Alpha lipoic acid. Alpha lipoic acid is found in some OTC pigment-lightening preparations. However, its ability to lighten skin is doubtful because it is a large molecule with questionable penetration.

Find Alpha Lipoic Acid In: Aubrey Organics Rosa Mosqueta Night Cream

Kojic acid. Kojic acid is one of the most popular skin-lightening agents found globally in OTC skin-lightening creams.  Some studies indicate that kojic acid is equivalent to hydroquinone in pigment-lightening results. The problem with kojic acid is again the ability to penetrate the skin and reach its target. It is possible that penetration-enhancers might overcome some of this difficulty; however, damage to the skin barrier and product irritation are common side effects.

Find Kojic Acid in: Lancome Absolue Skin Care Line

Arbutin. Arbutin is obtained from the leaves of the lingonberry and other related plants. Arbutin is not toxic to melanocytes and is used in a variety of pigment-lightening preparations in Japan at concentrations of 3%. Higher concentrations are more efficacious than lower concentrations, but a paradoxical pigment-darkening may occur due to skin irritation. Synthetic versions of arbutin, such as deoxyarbutin, may offer enhanced efficacy.

Find Arbutin In: Shiseido Whitess Intensive Skin Brightener

New Cetaphil 24 Hour Lotion

In Bath & Body, Product Reviews on January 24, 2009 at 9:48 pm


<Sigh> My heels have been so dry that they were snagging all my super-trendy hosiery! But since I spend my entire beauty budget on my face and figure, I have to be all coy and clever about my feet. So I thought I’d try out the new Cetaphil Daily Advance Ultra Hydrating Lotion.

I started slathering my feet (you would think I was icing a cake) in Cetaphil Daily Advance Ultra Hydrating Lotion every day after showering. It has been a week and my feet are softer – I think if I used it twice a day I’d get feet to show off.

Here are my pros and cons on the product:

Pros: Absorbs Quickly, Goes On Smoothly, Not Greasy, Performs Well

Cons: The packaging is just so unluxurious.

In The Makeup Says:
I’m almost through my tub of Laura Mercier Body Soufflé – so when I’m done I’ll squeeze all of the Cetaphil lotion into that tub – the more enticing the packaging, the more I enjoy using a product. Plus…I’m hoping my Cetaphil will take on the fragrance of French Vanilla <heaven>

Soufflé Body Crème

In Bath & Body on January 24, 2009 at 9:41 pm


In The Makeup Says: This French Vanilla is not your usual “foodie” fragrance. Cinnamon bark and coffee extract give it a kicky spicy element, and the vanilla is so much more bourbon than bakery. We weren’t sold on it until our recent photo shoot (doing makeup for Survivor winner Danni Boatwright).

This body cream got us more compliments on our “perfume” than we could count; we are now sold, addicted, and putting the other Soufflés on our wish lists.

Laura Mercier Says: Featuring pure Tahitian and Bourban vanillas. Velvety caramel notes and luscious Kadota fig perfectly blend with creamy sandalwood and smooth amber.

Laura Mercier French Vanilla Soufflé Body Crème is an ultra-whipped scented soufflé crème that provides luxurious all-day moisture protection without being heavy or greasy.

  • Vitamins A, E & F for nourishment & Shea Butter for moisturizing
  • Crème gives the skin optimum moisture levels without feeling heavy or greasy
  • Slightly more fragrant than Body Lotion

Mineral Botanic Body Washes

In Bath & Body on January 24, 2009 at 5:19 am


New Mineral Botanic Velvet Cream Body Washes

AHAVA is blending healthy minerals found in the waters of the Dead Sea and nourishing organic plant extracts.

AHAVA Mineral Botanic body washes are free of harsh detergents, prepared with healthy Dead Sea minerals, Macadamia oil and organic plant extracts. That is why its foam is different and more velvety than regular soaps (work with a sponge for a richer lather).

AHAVA Mineral Botanic soaps are truly skin-friendly. No SLS / SLES, parabens or other controversial ingredients have been added in their careful creation. Approved for sensitive skin. Allergy tested.

In The Makeup Says: AHAVA was our first love in skin care, and this latest launch has us swooning all over again. When we read the names of these 7 body washes, we wanted every single one. So, to make the choice easier…

Here is a guide to which Velvet Cream Wash you should use

Normal to dry skin: Orange Frangipani or Grape & Avocado

Very dry skin: Bamboo & Pansy or Hibiscus & Fig

Sensitive skin: Honeysuckle & Lavender or Lotus Flower & Chestnut

And for Micro-Peeling: Water Lily & Guarana.