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In Saving Face on January 8, 2009 at 4:07 am

Australian beauty guru Douglas Pereira offers his 10 tips for feeling “brand new” in 2009.

Look at doing a course of professional peels.

Douglas says “This will create a fresh, clean base to start from. Peels exfoliate your skin, draw out impurities and make your skin more receptive to other products such as moisturizers.” Douglas recommends Ultraceutical peels.

Purchase good quality home care.

Douglas Says “Once you have been in and had your course of peels, make sure you buy great skincare for home to reinforce what you have been doing at the spa or salon. Good products will help replenish moisture and build up water reserves in the skin. Look for products that have anti-ageing and pigmentation- reduction properties as the summer sun has generally taken its toll over the holiday season.” Douglas recommends: Priori Moisturizing facial cream (boost of antioxidants & intensive moisture) and Decleor Hydra Floral Moisturizing cream (soothing and hydration cream).

Sun protection

Douglas Says “Always, always, always use sun protection. Beyond the usual slip, slip, slap, I recommend buying a good quality dual sunscreen/moisturizer.” Douglas recommends: True Solutions Baby Face.

Mineral Makeup

Douglas Says “Mineral makeup is so much kinder to your skin in the heat and is an extension of your skincare. Your skin will actually absorb minerals and nutrients from it, as opposed to a synthetic foundation which tends to harm rather than help your skin.” Douglas recommends: ID Mineral Makeup

Specified Treatment Products

Douglas Says “Get some advice on products that will treat problem areas such as pigmentation and invest in a good treatment product.” Douglas recommends: Ultraceuticals Even Skin Tone Serum and Priori Even Tone with Idebenone


Douglas Says “If you want to look great all over, make sure you regularly exfoliate your skin with something that has both granules and glycolic acid.” Douglas recommends: MD Formulations Face and Body Scrub

Body Moisturizer

Douglas Says “To keep your skin really well hydrated and avoid that sticky, clammy feeling go for something light that has AHAs in it.” Douglas recommends: Priori hand and body moisturizer

Take your vitamins

Douglas Says “If you’re not already taking a vitamin and mineral supplement, I highly recommend it. It will stimulate collagen production, help your body fight free radicals and give your whole body a boost.” Douglas recommends: Ultraceuticals Ultra Active Antioxidant Supplements

Get a spray tan

Douglas Says “Even if you’ve been out worshipping the sun all summer long, there’s no time like the present to halt UV damage and repent. Most of the spray tans you can get now smell great and only take 2 hours to ‘process’ so there’s no more funky smells or eight hour wait until you can have a shower.” Douglas recommends: Naked Tan

Get your teeth whitened

Douglas Says “You will instantly look healthier and it will give your eyes a lift.” Douglas recommends: Go Smile teeth brightening kit



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