La Laque Fever

In Beauty Spy on January 15, 2009 at 5:12 am


This month, Lancome released La Laque Fever – a long-lasting lip gloss – in 15 shades. La Laque offers the shine of a lip gloss, the comfort of a lipstick, the wear of a lip stain, and 6 hours of color and shine with one stroke of a flocked wand.

Technology: Polymers form a barrier on the lips that hold in pigments and oils. In other words, a silicone shine system.

In The Makeup Says: Try La Laque in Electric Pink. Not only is it the color worn by model Eletta for Lancome’s Irreverent Pink ad, but it has also taken first place as La Laque’s best-selling color. For a true Eletta Lip, don’t stop at Electric Pink. You’ll need to top it with a dab of limited edition Piha Black  Color Fever Gloss.

piha-blotch2It looks great on top of red lipstick too, and adds depth to any lip color. Trust us – we wore it today.

P.S. La Laque really will last 6 hours – as long as you don’t eat. Unfortunately, its not foodproof. <sigh>


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