Ageless Minerale

In Saving Face on January 16, 2009 at 4:02 pm


Lancome introduces Ageless Minerale – an ultra fine mineral loose powder foundation with slip and creaminess.

Ageless Minerale’s claim to fame? White Sapphire Complex – a combination of alumina (to reflect light for a soft focus effect), Bismuth Oxychloride (to provide slip, creaminess, and long wear), Mica (for more light reflection), Vitamine E and SPF 21 (to protect skin from environmental damage), and Aloe (to soothe and moisturize).

How To Snag It: Ageless Minerale began selling at select Lancome counters in January, but in February Lancome will release a limited edition set that will sell for $64.00 and will  include 2 mineral shades, the mineral veil (to set foundation and create a radiant finish), and the brush. Purchasing each item separately would add up to over $150.00

More Inside Scoop: The brush will normally retail for $36, but limited quantities will sell for a promotional price of $26.00

In The Makeup Says: The brush that comes with this product feels AMAZING. It is truly one of the most luxurious-feeling brushes we have ever used, so we were surprised to learn that it is synthetic. Lancome designed this brush with synthetic bristles so that it would release product more easily – making coverage fast and buildable. As for the mineral foundation itself, its aesthetic performance and packaging is similar to that of other department store mineral foundations.


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