D&G Makeup

In Beauty Spy on January 17, 2009 at 3:50 am


Dolce & Gabbana will make its long-awaited entry into color cosmetics in early February and will star Scarlett Johansson as the face of D&G makeup.

“Scarlett is sure of herself. She’s a beautiful girl, but she’s really easygoing. She is very Dolce & Gabbana.”


“We see makeup as another thing for women, like a dress. We worked on the makeup line like we work on a clothing collection — you can change makeup like you can change your clothes, depending on your mood.”


Gabbana also says that the lipsticks will be scented with rose because they “wanted to create makeup with a scent.”

“Domenico and I remember when we were children and opened our mother’s handbags— the scent of her lipstick trailed out. I observed that when women open makeup, they smell it first.”

Prices will range from $20 for nail lacquer to $59 for powder foundation.


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