Hair By Revitalash

In The Mane Thing on January 21, 2009 at 5:58 am


Athena Cosmetics brought us RevitaLash and is now bringing us another exciting innovation – Hair by RevitaLash, which is designed to give you thicker, fuller hair.

Athena’s Press Release says: “Hair by RevitaLash is a hair conditioner that fortifies and strengthens hair so it appears thicker, fuller and more attractive. In pre-market tests, the appearance of test subjects’ hair was noticeably improved after just two weeks of daily use of Hair by RevitaLash.”

Hair by RevitaLash has many of the ingredients found in the RevitaLash Eyelash Conditioner. It is a foam that should be massaged daily in areas where you want your hair to appear thicker and fuller. Athena says that the product is appropriate for natural, colored and chemically treated hair.

Hair by RevitaLash will be available in salons and spas across the country, will come in a two ounce pump that should last approximately three months with daily use, and will have a suggested retail price of $180. Athena is planning to launch in salons and spas as early as February 2009!

In The Makeup Says: Until we can get our hands on Hair by RevitaLash, we’re committed to spraying, spritzing, misting, and teasing our way to volume-ous hair.  Hair Boutique lists the top eight products that fatten up fine hair

  1. PhytoVolume Actif: This product is part of a “Volume System” but on its own, just a small amount makes fine, sparse hair look fuller and feel thicker. PhytoVolume Actif is a maximizing volume spray for fine, limp hair. Keratin amino acids add body & give roots a lift. A favorite of many celebrities.
  2. Got2b – 2sexy Voluptuous Root-Lift Souffle: Need to whip up a flirtatious style? 2sexy Root-Lift Souffle will take your locks to new heights with this deliciously light, whipped formula.
  3. JF Lazartique – Hair Volume Tonic: This styling spray is a genuine solution for fine, limp hair, reinforcing and thickening it to give it both body and hold.  This hair volume tonic hardens and increases the diameter of each strand as it dries by coating it with a clear film consisting primarily of chitin )a crab shell extract – 25%) to strengthen the keratin, a synthetic resin (1.2%) to coat the hair and volatile silicones which make the hair easier to comb.
  4. Rene Furterer Anti-Dehydrating Volumizing Mousse Soft Hold: A volumizing mousse that holds your style as it feeds your scalp, roots and hair.
  5. John Frieda Thickening Perfection Volumizing – Rinse-Out Treatment: This Rinse-Out Treatment with Light Enhancers gives fine hair an extra boost of luscious volume and body; improves manageability and brings out natural blonde highlights.
  6. Leonor Greyl Voluforme Setting Spray For Volume & Hold: Setting spray that builds in volume and hold for thin to fine strands.
  7. Thicker Fuller Hair Instantly: Transforms fine, limp hair into thicker, fuller hair in just one application. Special blends of natural thickening agents expand the hair shaft to build thickness and strength. Provides lasting style and ample texture, body and manageability.
  8. JF Lazartique – Root Volumizer For Hair: This root volumizer is a styling gel which thickens and coats the root of the hair.  This gel is suitable for all hair types (Particularly short hair).  It coats the hair, giving body and lift to the roots.  It’s ulta-light, non-oily texture strengthens the texture of the hair.  This is due to its active ingredients:-glucose powders to coat the fiber at its roo (0.6%)
    -marine elastin *0.8%) to give healthy resilience and lift,
    -keratin extract (0.5%) which smoothes out the scales on each hair, leaving the hair shiny and soft to the touch
    -hydrolyzed marine collagen (0.5%) which moisturizes the hair shaft, strengthening it and –enabling it to absorb nutrients.
  1. NO WAYYY!! If this product works as well as their lash conditioner, I am soooo buying it for all my balding buddies!!

  2. I agree. Revitalash is amazing. After seeing this I emailed and they said it ships in early February so I have pre-ordered it. The girls there are so nice, and they said Marini Hair really works, but I will wait for another Revitalash product! If that doesn’t work try the other.

  3. I’m so excited! I love Revitalash, too! I’m at the age where my hair is thinning (due to fluctuating hormones) and could really use a boost! Anyone know where I can buy it?

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