Ink Guard

In Beauty Spy on January 21, 2009 at 5:48 pm


Inkguard is a new skin care treatment aimed at the ever-growing number of people with tattoos who want to safeguard the appearance of their cherished body art.

The product was launched in New York this week and targets the eternal problem of fading tattoo ink – a phenomenon that causes tattoos to blur and color to disappear.

This is because when a tattoo is made, ink pigments are trapped in skin cells to create the desired image. Subsequent exposure to ultraviolet light, environmental toxins and pollutants create free radicals which damage the the skin at the cellular level and degrade the tattoo ink.

In response, many tattoo addicts revert to having their body art ‘refreshed’ every few years, but for the many who have a real aversion to the needle, the skin care lotion offers a more convenient and less uncomfortable solution.

Tattoo Inkguard contains UV screens and moisturisers that create a skin barrier to prevent the free radical damage, which the company claims results in brighter and more vibrant tattoos.

The treatment includes two products, the Tattoo Defender SPF 30+ and the Tattoo Enhancer Topical Antioxidant Treatment, which will each retail for approximately $25.

“Until now, there has been virtually no focus on products that protect the appearance of tattoos and enhance their vibrancy,” said Matthew Nicolo, president of Inkguard.

“Tattoos are an investment and Tattoo Inkguard was designed to help you protect your skin and your investment for the long term,” said Nicolo.

The maker is expected to market the range in tattoo parlours and personal care providers throughout North America, with the possibility of launching internationally at a later date.

  1. I would like to know where can I purchase the Ink Guard. I reside in massachussetts. It would be a great thing to have, since I am adding tattoos to my ever growing art.

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