Everlasting French Nail Kit

In Beauty Spy on January 23, 2009 at 1:49 am


Kiss Products has unveiled its new Everlasting French Nail Kits to be available in April.

The artificial nails are designed to be durable and to provide a flexible fit over the natural nail bed for greater comfort. The nails start out thin near the cuticle area for flexibility and then get slightly thicker toward the nail tip for greater strength.

The nails are available in flat and regular nail arcs in 12 sizes. They come in two lengths: Real Short with patented Self Tabs for easy application and Medium length for longer nail beds.

The Everlasting Nail Kits retail for $5.99 at retailers such as Ulta and Target.

In The Makeup Says: Thinking we would amuse ourselves, we tried Kiss Nail Kits. Not only did they look pretty good, but they lasted for days! Plus….we got compliments on our nails. Who would’ve thought?

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  2. I have my own natural nails, but years ago I tore the nail on the middle finger, right hand. It has never grown right since. It gets just so the white is showing, then it splits down through the new growth. I have tried band-aids on it and this doesn’t work – they would have to be left on until the nail got past the damaged part. When I saw your extension nails, I thought perhaps I could fit one on, either full or partially over the top. Do you think this would work? Thanks. PS I dont care if I have to buy the pack.

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