Booty Butter Tanning Lotion

In Bath & Body, Beauty Spy on January 27, 2009 at 1:38 am


In The Makeup Says: If we were going to tan (we forever never ever tan), we think we would be slathering bottles of this yummy sounding tanning lotion all over ourselves.

Bikini Kitchen Says: It includes antioxidant vitamins A, E & C which when applied topically create a healthy combination. Vitamin A helps to form new blood vessels which give the skin an attractive rosy glow. Vitamin C fends against damage caused by the sun, while Vitamin E protects the epidermis from early stages of ultraviolet light damage and reduces the severity of sunburn. “With Booty Butter your whole body will shimmer an awesome brown in about an hour,” said Karrie Pettit, founder of Bikini Kitchen. “If your skin is extra-sensitive to UV rays, you can use Booty Butter with any other type of sunscreen and still see great results quickly.”

Booty Butter contains no chemicals or artificial dyes, somehow works as a bug repellant (maybe we could use it for that since we don’t tan) and is also water-resistant.It also contains caffeine, which is good for making your skin look a bit firmer.

Booty Butter’s scent is mocha laced with an aroma of delectable sugar cookies.

This adorable bottle is $29.95 for an 8 ounce bottle, and can be purchased at – where you can also read more details about this quirky (though enticing) lotion.

  1. It was such a surprise to see my favorite tanning lotion up on my favorite blog…i have been using Booty Butter by Bikini Kitchen for a while and i love it…it gets me that perfect bronze tan.

  2. I love Booty Butter tanning lotion! I have fairer skin and always get a beautiful brown color after using Booty Butter – and my skin feels amazing from all of the natural ingredients. Of course, I alwasy top off my Booty Butter with spray on SPF. I highly recommend this tanning lotion!

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