The Heavy Fringe

In The Mane Thing on January 29, 2009 at 12:08 am


Kate Hudson’s bangs have been causing…quite a bang. So here is why we love it, who it suits, and  how to modify it.

Why We Love It: Blunt bangs are just plain edgy and hot. Plus bangs add style – even if your hair is just pulled up in a ponytail.
Who It Suits: A blunt fringe typically looks best on straight hair cut at one length, says Nicholas Penna Jr of Salon Capri in Boston. “However, we’ve recently seen stars like Kim Kardashian wearing her blunt bangs with wavy hair, which creates a really nice contrast.”
How to Modify It: If you’re dying for blunt bangs but your stylist knows it won’t work, talk to your stylist about a side-swept fringe. A side-swept fringe is the most popular and flattering alternative to the blunt bang as it suits just about any face shape and hair texture.


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