Hoodia In Your Lip Gloss

In Beauty Spy, Product Tête-è-Tête on February 2, 2009 at 5:11 am


The Skinny Hips half of the product is attributed to the presence of the Hoodia Gordonii extract, a plant native to Southern Africa and found in a number of diet and weight loss supplements due to its appetite suppressing activity.

And it is the vitamin B3 in the formulation which reportedly helps stimulate blood flow to the lips making them appear fuller.

Purple Lab’s Huge Lips, Skinny Hips will debut in Spring 2009 for $20.00 at Scoop and Space.N.K.  But before you buy, Cosmetic Scientist Colin says:

“If you are dieting or overweight do not think that this product will do anything for you apart from maybe leaving you less money to spend on food.”

  1. Nice!!!! Thanks for posting this review. Can’t wait to try these out on a few of my clients!

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