An Eyeliner Stain

In Beauty Spy on February 18, 2009 at 3:15 pm


In The Makeup loves a good lip stain – the kind that has you waking up in the morning with tinted lips from the night before. So we are….nothing less than smug about discovering an eyeliner stain.

Sormeh eye lining powder, made by makeup artist Mosha Katani, stays on the skin even after being washed.  Melissa Magsaysay, writer for the latimesblog, says “I lined my eyes last Thursday and even after washing and scrubbing my face, there was still a black line around my eyes for almost 3 days.  It was smudgy, but just required a touch-up in the morning, so I didn’t walk out of the house looking like Courtney Love after a really bad night.”

So…a little stain on the lip, a little stain around the eye….and you wake up looking like a total Goddess!

The powder, which is made from castor oil and zinc oxide, is $48 and is sold here. Colors are black, midnight, nude, purple smoke, and rustic brown. And the ruby bottle of powder comes with an eyeliner brush too.

  1. I just ordered this – can’t wait to try it! Thanks for featuring it on your site and turning me on to this product!

  2. Thank you kindly.:)

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