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Sephora Interviews In The Makeup

In Interview With The Artist on December 22, 2008 at 9:58 pm


Behind The Scene At The Pageant: Secrets Of A Beauty Queen:

Ever wonder where beauty pageant girls learn their tricks?

From Sara (a licensed esthetician) and Rebecca (a makeup artist), the mother & daughter team behind In The Makeup. The pair teach Makeup and Beauty Bootcamp for Miss USA and Miss Teen USA (Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, & Oklahoma), travel the midwest as freelance makeup artists, and trade better secrets than your average mother and daughter pair.
What goes into creating the Miss USA and Miss Teen USA looks?Well-done makeup is such an important part of a winning image. Pageant makeup has to create the right effect on stage, photograph beautifully, and look flawless on high definition television. So we have to create glamour, but without heavy makeup.
The inspiration at our 2009 Beauty Boot-Camp will be red-carpet glamour – where eyes and lips are both key features. We’ll be emphasizing a simple but strong eye and an intensified lip. The look should be timeless and polished, and judges should see the contestant, not the makeup.How do you keep a contestant’s makeup looking fresh all through competition?
Its all about the right products. Long-wearing everything and, of course, prepping the skin with primer for face and a separate primer for eyelids. A good makeup sealant can also be key for oily skins.

What’s your fave beauty tip?
Sara: Make sure you’ve got the right tools – good makeup brushes can take your look from pretty to beautiful.

Rebecca: Have a two-minute face. If you master a two-minute routine, then you can look polished even when you’re short on time. Conceal any darkness under your eyes, curl your lashes, swirl on some blush, gloss up your lips, and you’re done!

What’s one tip you’ve each picked up from the other?
I’ve learned from my mom to be meticulous. Once I’m done with a makeup application, I use a magnifying lens to check my work. That way, there are no surprises from an HD camera.

I’ve learned from my daughter to be open-minded to all sorts of looks and techniques. Sometimes a photo shoot demands a look that isn’t a personal favorite but, as professionals, we need to be able to create more than just our own visions.

For the holiday, what’s a great tip for sprucing up your look?

To achieve a dazzling makeover for evening, start with your usual polished look. Then add some drama to your lips or eyes. If you haven’t indulged in this season’s bold red lip yet, holiday parties are the perfect time to do so. If you’d rather keep the focus on your eyes, now is the time for eye jewelry. Dab some glitz and glitter around the lash line – top and bottom. Done!


Beauty Secret…Less Is More

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Jemma Kidd Shares Her Beauty Secrets

My skincare routine… It is just as important to invest in good skincare as good makeup. If your skin is not well looked after then your make-up is not going to look right, no matter how well you apply it. I cleanse each morning and night with Elave Age Delay Daily Cleanser, which contains glycolic acid to gently exfoliate the skin whilst cleansing. As a moisturizer I use Elave Daily Skin Defence during the day, which contains SPF 30 and at night I use Elave Age Delay Night Treatment or Lancôme Renergie Morpholift Nuit R.A.R.E. If my skin feels dry and dehydrated, particularly after a long flight I use a face mask.

My favorite product… My Jemma Kidd Make Up Eye Perfector Prep & Brighten Duo ( One side is a primer which evens out the skin tone as well as providing a base for eye make-up and the other side is a flesh toned liner to widen and brighten the eyes. It is the perfect pick-me-up for tired eyes.

My fragrance… Serge Lutens Fleur D’Oranger

My haircare regime… As I spend a lot of free time in the outdoors with my horses I tend to just wash my hair and pull it back, but for work I use John Freda serum and blow dry it. I love Bumble & Bumble Shampoo and Conditioner, from and Kerastase hair masks. If I am going to be in the sun I use Kerastase sun protection range, the sun can really dry it out if I don’t protect it.

My spa…
I love the SpaNK on Westbourne Grove. They do an amazing hot stones massage which is perfect to ease stresses muscles, particularly after a long week at work or lots of travel.

My beauty secret… Less is more. I think it is important to remember that makeup should be used to accent your features, not as a mask to hide behind.

In The Makeup Says: Jemma Kidd’s Perfector Prep & Brighten Duo is an anti-aging concealer cream in the form of a pen. Simply sweep it along your lower lashes and lightly under your eyes to brighten a tired eye in seconds. Does the job, looks after the skin and is super easy to apply.

Billy B and The Wedding Girl

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Jamie Gummere, a.k.a. “The Wedding Girl” Interviews Makeup Artist Billy B

The Wedding Girl: What celebrity weddings have you done makeup for?

Billy: Mariah Carey to Tommy Mottola in New York City and Pink’s destination wedding in Mexico

The Wedding Girl: How would you describe the wedding day for the bride?

Billy: The wedding day is any woman’s biggest red carpet event.  You probably will never have more professional photographs taken of you that are seen over and over in a photo album.  Her goal should be to look the best she has ever looked without taking chances on new makeup ideas.  The most beautiful thing is to be yourself.

The Wedding Girl: What do you mean by “taking chances on new makeup ideas”?

Billy: Now is not the time to experiment on any “new looks”.  For example, if a woman has never worn false lashes or does not typically wear them, avoid wearing them on your wedding day.  Keep your “look” consistent to how your friends and family typically see you and just take it up a notch.  It’s you at your most beautiful.

The Wedding Girl: What advice would you give brides pre-wedding?

Billy: Plan well!  Any skin work (i.e. facials, peels, microderm) should be done at least two weeks before the wedding.  Likewise, eyebrow waxing and shaping should be done a few days before the wedding up to one week in advance.  Pluck stray hairs the day before and let the skin rest the day of the wedding.  I would also advise brides to have a trial makeup and hair consultation.  It’s best for both the makeup artist/stylist as well as the brides.  With a little planning and preparation, there will be no surprises.

The Wedding Girl: Ok, let’s get to the fun stuff- makeup!  What are your thoughts on foundation?
Billy: Foundation is meant to even out skin.  I like skin to look like skin and not covered up by heavy foundation.  The ultimate goal is to create flawless skin with as little foundation as possible.  I like to “spot conceal” with a little foundation and my #7 or #5 brush.  These brushes give you just the right amount of brush to dab on foundation where needed.

The Wedding Girl: What about cheek color?
Billy: It’s so important to have a pretty cheek color.  Shades of pink and peach are best on the apple of the cheek.   Warmer shades tend to be very drab in photos.  You want to look fresh and clean.  Now is not the time to contour the cheek.  Simply blend the color into the apple of the cheek.

The Wedding Girl: What about lips?
Billy: I think women underestimate the power of their own lip color.  I often get emails about the lipcolors celebrities are wearing on the red carpet.  Often times, I line the lip and fill it in with a liner that is close to the natural lip tone of the woman’s lips.  This defines her lip shape and I fill it in with clear gloss.  Light hits the bow of the lip and the raised area and gives lips an instant fullness.  It’s the quickest lip plumper!

The Wedding Girl: Nice tip.  What about the eyes?
Billy: A nice soft shadow on the top and liner to define the eyes and lots of mascara.  I love to curl the lash with an eyelash curler and apply a few coats of black mascara.  My favorite is Loreal Voluminous Mascara in blackest black.  And always in waterproof!

The Wedding Girl: What do you suggest brides carry in their touch-up bag?
Billy: I would definitely carry a lipcolor and/or gloss with lipbrush, blush, blotting papers and maybe a touch of foundation.

The Wedding Girl: Any other thoughts on her wedding look?
Billy: oh, yes.  If the bride is wearing a strapless, sleeveless, or dress with a plunging neckline,  hydrate the skin on the body before the wedding with a moisturizer  with a little shimmer.

Billy: Weddings are a performance where everyone needs to look their best.  This includes the bridal party and mothers of the bride and groom.  Consistency throughout the bridal party is the key.  That doesn’t mean that everyone wears the same color lipstick but rather they keep the same “look”.  The bridal party will be in many of your pictures and I recommend treating your girlfriends to having their makeup done as well.  Brides typically give gifts to their attendants so build this into the budget for gifts.  It’s a relaxing experience and assures that the bridal party will look their best for your pictures.

Source: Marry Me At The Beach (everything for a wedding on the emerald coast)

Interview Date: Wednesday October 15, 2008

Donald Simrock

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Makeup by: Donald Simrock

Currently the Beauty Editor of Flaunt Magazine, Makeup Artist Simrock is known for powerful editorial makeup. His work has been featured in French Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Surface, and Nylon. Celebrities he has worked on include Madonna, Paris Hilton, Tyra Banks, Britney Spears, Carmen Electra, Pamela Anderson, Rose McGowan, and Brooke Shields.

What are his favorite M.A.C. products?

For a rose/pink:  Syrup

For a great nude: Fleshpot

Something in the wine family: Cyber

A good red:  Rockcoco.

Face and Body Foundations, Fix+- Particulary an asset when you are on set in an extremely hot & humid location! Makes for a little less work. Mineralize Skin Finish Naturals- Great for finishing touches on a look as well as for general touch up’s. Pigments- a full range… Not just for use on the eyes!!

How does he plan his designs and become inspired?
Being Creative, you find inspiration thru various mediums; Travel, Art, Film, Books, Magazines

His words of Wisdom?

It is important to strive to present yourself with challenges. Embrace
your industry by taking the time to envelope the history of other
cultures, artists, photographers, publications, designers, companies, etc.
Lastly, try to think outside the box.

To see his work, visit 

Sharon Dowsett

In Interview With The Artist on October 25, 2008 at 3:53 am

Sharon Dowsett is one of Europe’s leading freelance makeup artists. Her credits include shows for Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga, Issey Miyake and Roland Mouret; Vogue, Harpers, Bazaar and W magazines; Chanel, Bottega Veneta, Guerlain, Lancôme, Garnier, Hugo Boss and D&G ad campaigns; and celebrities including Hilary Swank, Renee Zellweger, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Sophie Dahl, Kate Moss.

Sharon’s portfolio can be viewed at


What is in your kit?

Some of my faves are: C- Thru Lipglass, Crushed Bougainvillea Cream Color
Base, Auto de Blu Amethyst Technakohl Liner and Mink Brow Set… but I
never go anywhere without Pro Lash Mascara in Coal Black, (usually at
least two new tubes) and I carry Medium Blot Powder on my person the whole
time. Smolder Kohl Pencil is a must and I’d be lost without my Face & Body
Mixing Medium. I suppose I’d need Gloss, Lip Conditioner, Lip Mix
(Scarlet) or Lip Pencil (Spice) to actually do a whole makeup, but the
choice would depend on the situation.

How do you plan your designs and become inspired?

Talk to the team or ask for a brief beforehand.
Consult thesaurus with description and reference (if any).
Visit art galleries and beautiful places on a regular basis.
Observe the everyday and mundane for color, texture, shape and
combinations. Look for original and relevant prompts.
Ensure kit is sorted! Preparation allows the process to evolve naturally
and creativity can happen spontaneously.
Design happens on the day as dependent on the face and what else is going on.

When did you become interested in makeup?

When I was six… My Mum actually let me wear it to school. I remember
that the teachers weren’t too happy but my Mum was my makeup hero. I loved
those bright blue and green eye shadows that she wore from lash to brow.
She still inspires me.

What was your most challenging job?

Doing the Ungaro show and collaborating on a collection at the same time!
Backstage at shows you have to focus on fast application and think ahead
whilst being interviewed, so your attention is split. Added to which, I
put myself under pressure to create a make-up look that the designer
Esteban would love, and that may have a future in product form (in 60
countries!). Fortunately everyone at M.A.C Product Development knows what
they’re doing and were incredibly encouraging and calm. Gordon Espinet and
the Pro Team were also supportive and hardworking, giving input and
feedback along the way.
In any case, I find the most challenging jobs are always the most rewarding!

Do you have any words of Wisdom?

“What we hope to do with ease we must learn first to do with diligence” Dr
Samuel Johnson.
Fingers need limbering up and messages from the brain take a while to get
Practice really does make perfect.
Be yourself but be professional.

Pat McGrath

In Interview With The Artist on October 10, 2008 at 7:40 am

Pat McGrath

From Jil Sander to John Galliano and Stephen Miesel to Helmut Newton, there’s not a name in the beauty business that leading make-up artist – and Max Factor Creative Director – Pat McGrath hasn’t worked with. She spoke to VOGUE.COM backstage at London Fashion Week:

Q: Can you see any key trends emerging for spring/summer 2009?
I don’t know as I always like to come up with mine at the end of Paris [Fashion Week]. But at the moment – from the first two weeks – I can see smoky eyes; they’re not as black as winter but still smoky. There are lots of bronzed, flushed and healthy cheeks, too, and little splashes of colour.
Q: How do you reinvent the same looks over and over again for a different season?
I’m influenced a lot by the fabrics that I see, the colours that are in the collections, and the girls’ faces. It’s always a challenge but that’s the key – to make it different every time.
Q: How does it feel to be described as the world’s most influential make-up artist?
You know, I don’t ever think about it. I just work, and I do my best! I’m really lucky to work with the people that I work with; I’m always with the best people and I’m fortunate to work with the best teams and all my friends. Edward, Eugene, Guido, Gareth, Stephen – when I’m with all of those people I feel lucky!

Amy Stone, Vogue UK: 29 September 2008, 05:33PM

IN THE MAKEUP THINKS: We’d give up coffee just to have Ms. McGrath put makeup on our faces. Well, maybe we could do decaf.