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Simply Remove

In Saving Face on January 20, 2009 at 3:45 pm



Simply Remove is an eye makeup remover that does three jobs. It takes away eye makeup (of course), it moisturizes (the company says there’s no need to apply another eye moisturizer, but we still do anyways), and it repairs skin with antioxidants.

Plus, the formula is free of alcohol, oil and parabens.

In The Makeup Says: This eye makeup remover needs time to work. Hold the pad over the eye for 60 seconds to allow the makeup to dissolve completely before trying to wipe away. A common mistake made with gentle eye makeup removers is not giving the product enough time to work. What we love most about this product:

The scent: its like aromatherapy eye makeup remover

The packaging: Pink and cute enough to be bathroom decor

The formula: Paraben free! Also, since its oil free you can use a bit on a Q-tip to correct any mistakes during your makeup application, let it dry, and continue applying makeup. Rinsing this product off isn’t necessary at all. In fact, it has ingredients that are good to leave on the skin.

Since Mirabella is carried only at salons and spas, we can’t name an easy place for everyone to find it. But you can look up local retailers at Mirabella Beauty.