Ted & Target

In Beauty Spy, The Mane Thing on January 17, 2009 at 11:25 pm


$200.00 for a Hair Serum from Target? Ted Gibson says YES.

New York-based celebrity hairstylist Ted Gibson charges $950 for a haircut and recently styled Debra Messing’s hair for the Golden Globe Awards.

The Heart of His Hair Care: His exclusive wild orchid extract (plus some other luxurious ingredients) to work on:

  • toning and conditioning an unbalanced scalp
  • preventing moisture loss
  • increasing flexibility
  • enhancing shine
  • protecting hair from environmental damage
  • relieving stress with aromatherapy

“My customer is black, white and Asian. She is 25 to 55 years old. She travels. She shops. She lives in cities [all over the country]. This will give her the opportunity to buy [Ted Gibson] where she goes and shops all the time,” he said.

Gibson acknowledged that the Target deal may hamper his current distribution partnership with his current retailers like Henri Bendel, Saks Fifth Avenue and Sephora. “[The specialty stores] have been great. They have put me on the map. They believed in my two [initial] products three years ago. I am grateful for the relationships. But to grow, I went to Target. I want to be a household name and only to be in one channel of distribution, that couldn’t be realized.”

Gibson’s product range includes a variety of shampoo+conditioner and styling products that are formulated with his Merlot Complex for shine and movement.

In May, Target doors will feature a photo and bio of the hairstylist along with his items.

In The Makeup Says: We do love Ted Gibson’s ingredients, packaging, scent, and performance. But we swear on our makeup kits that Moroccan Oil (under $30) is as good to your hair as Ted’s $200 hair repair serum.


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